jueves, 26 de enero de 2017

Listening Activity

Listening activity: Write the transcript of the video.

Follow this steps:
  1. Watch the video - without subtitles ( the ones included are automatically generated so I do not even know if they are correct but, anyway, do not click to get them)
  2. Replay the video, stopping it to write what you hear. Try to stop at the end of the sentences - which will probably agree with the pauses made by the narrator
  3. Once you have written the transcript in full, watch the video again to make sure you have included everything mentioned. If there is any word you do not recognize, write something, follow your instinct as to what the spelling of that word might be.
  4. Check your writing with the transcript you will find below the video. Do not cheat! Don't read it before you have followed the steps above!



Between our first breath and our last, our lives are shaped by how we move. By how hard we push, flip, fly, and hang. Our stories are written on our callouses and scars, through our battles and mistakes. But as our bodies change, so do we. We become braver, kinder, closer. We become more human.

Thanks to The English Blog  for the idea (video + transcript + activity) 

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