martes, 10 de enero de 2017

Song Of The Week: Grace Vanderwaal´s `Light The Sky´

Grace Vanderwaal is 12 ( she was born in 2004) ; in 2016 she won the Golden Buzzer at the AGT (America´s Got Talent ) competition. She is a singer-songwriter and ukelelist. `Light The Sky´ is one of her hits:


This song was  chosen by Google for their video `Google- Year in Search in 2016´ (you  may watch it with subtitles in lots of different languages, including English - which I would recommend- and Spanish): 

Optional Homework Assignment: 

This video shows the top 10 trending search topics in Google in 2016:

  1. Powerball
  2. Prince
  3. Hurricane Mathew
  4. Pokémon Go
  6. Olympics
  7. David Bowie
  8. Trump
  9. Election
  10. Hillary Clinton
Here is your assignment:

  • Choose 3 of the trending topics mentioned above (preferably including some that you did actually search for last year)
  • Summarize the 3 trending topics you have chosen - including the reason why you think they became trending topics
  • Mention what you learnt when you searched for them
  • If you remember it, include the reason that made you google  those topics
Thanks to rd School for the idea.

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