martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Valentine´s Day 2017

Here is a video to celebrate Valentine´s Day. Suggestion to watch it: 

  • Watch the first 90 seconds: reflect on the ages of the two main protagonists of the story; their characters; the relationship between them; and whether or not she likes him;
  • Watch the next 90 seconds, seeking particularly to determine if you were "right" on your first thoughts;
  • At 3'00" stop the video and think about how it is going to end;
  • Stop at 3'35" to have second opinion on that…
  • Stop again on 4'00" and reflect on what had just happened;
  • And then watch it through to the end… Did you like the ending?

NYPC – Hard Knocks from laurie lynch on Vimeo.

Idea from Tech ELT Blog

This is a video of the song "Love Is A Verb" to wish you all a Happy Valentine´s Day. The singer is John Mayer, an American pop rock and blues musician, singer-songwriter, recording artist and music producer.

I am not allowed to embed the original video in the blog but if you click on the video below, you will be redirected to YouTube to be able to watch it. Enjoy and sing along, the lyrics are slow and easy enough for you to practise pronunciation! 

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